You may not be a Game of Thrones fan, but who doesn’t like pizza? TELUS and HBO ran a free pizza promotion in Vancouver recently during the premier of the new season for Optik TV customers.

Four artists made illustrations for each main household in the show to decorate the boxes. Im proud to have made this art for house Stark, other artists and their households were James Jirat Patradoon for Lannister, Dennis Chow for Baratheon, and Yaiagift for Targaryen, of which i am a huge fan.

New painting I did, FW ink, sharpie, and some guashIMG_9256

Here is another rare occasion of band art Ive done in recent years, a record cover for Toronto death metal’s Six of Swords. Done with pen and paper, and layered with some ink painting with salt texture, tasty!


Here are a few tattoos that I did over the last few weeks as well as some healed ones i got a picture of.

IMG_8234 IMG_8245 IMG_8273

Still working on this one

Still working on this one

IMG_8296 IMG_8293






IMG_8364 IMG_8365


IMG_0580 IMG_0583 IMG_0585 IMG_5930 IMG_7556 IMG_7570 IMG_7883 IMG_8126 IMG_8131

 Kyle Hollingdrake and Mike Bialek have opened a tattoo shop in Hamilton! They still share their time at The Okey Doke Tattoo shop, don’t fret Toronto.
 Trophy tattoo is located under the new Crows Nest barber shop location at 10 Edinburgh in Hamilton Ontario. Stop in and check it out, better yet get a tattoo. Even better, get something off this cool flash sheet I made for them! Check out the web site here.trophy flashweb


My good pal Jesse Germs has opened his own shop in Ottawa this summer and i made him this shirt design! To check out his stuff, click the image. follow him on instagram @jessegerms

IMG_6193 IMG_6439 IMG_6450 IMG_6468



IMG_6504 IMG_6522 IMG_6638 IMG_6654 IMG_6679 IMG_6695





IMG_6752 IMG_6772 IMG_6786 IMG_6805 IMG_6820 IMG_6852 IMG_6955 IMG_6964



shirt gigs

Here is a new shirt/record art for Dead Tired, a new band from Hamilton. click the photo to see their twitter. follow on instagram @zdeadtiredz

IMG_0338 IMG_0337 IMG_0336


Tonight!! wow this show has crept up on us! Paul Jackson, Kyle Hollingdrake and myself are having an art show and the opening is tonight at Huntclub gallery at 709 College street in Toronto! There will be all new art work, plus loads of prints and tee shirts to buy, and free booze to drink. The show will run for 2 weeks, but I will post my work from the show on here starting tomorrow . Everything is new and some of it unlike anything ive ever painted before.

Though I have cut down almost totally from doing band artwork since I started tattooing full time a year and a half ago, I recently did a tee shirt  design for Saskatoon punk band Weak Ends. I met Brett, who plays guitar, back when I was first starting out at The Okey Doke tattoo shop, he got a walk-in tattoo as his band played Toronto that evening. He was recently in town again, and I got to do a ‘redemption’ tattoo on him. Here is the shirt design and the tattoo!



The Seven Crowns charity art auction is on again this Sunday! I have entered this painting of a seraphim and crazy polyhedrons. its painted with FW inks, acrylic ink, and coffee. Come see it in real life plus lots of other great art by Canadian tattooers on Sunday night, more info here.




Last week i was in Winnipeg tattooing at Rebel Waltz Tattoo Shop! Check out this amazing gem of a shop and all the talented people who work there. A special thanks to owner Don Ritson for hosting me and also giving me an amazing new tattoo – click the link to look at Don’s stuff right now.

Here are some of the highlights from my work thereRebelWaltzflashsm

Image This one was hand poked 


compasweb bearweb feministweb palmweb medusaweb catweb eagleweb

saganwebThis is my second Carl Sagan hand-poke portrait. the first one, done several years ago, is posted here.

You can see how far I have come in in technique with hand-pokes with this comparison.

this one is done on the front of a shin, so it wraps a little, it was super fun, especially with the ‘COSMOS’ below!

This photo is the fresh tattoo – with lots of dark looking shading that is set to lighten up as it heals.

This last weekend was the Rochester tattoo convention and it was a blast! I kept very busy and had so much fun.

I only managed to get one decent photo of my last tattoo of the weekend, but below are a few of the others i did, complete with bad photoshopped stitch jobs, but you get the idea. Time for a new camera/phone I think…


Mother to dragons

Little painting I finished last night. Its so hard for me to find time to paint like I used to but I got another big one underway. More on that soon!

Some Tattoos from this month:forcesmforcedetsmgondorsm wolflambsmThe following two tattoos are cover-ups – the rose is in progress, going to get some colour soon.memorialcosm rosecoverupsm