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Alphonse Mucha is an enormous influence in my art, and though I have seen the galleries of his art in Prague several times, his enormous master piece collection ‘the Slav Epic’ was something I had yet to see. I finally made the pilgrimage see it at the Moravsky Krumlov, outside Prague the other day. I say pilgrimage because it took me about 6 hours of buses and trains (and getting lost) to get there, and once i stood in its presence, well, I don’t really have any words to describe it. My photos are pretty shameful considering the greatness of these works. I’m humbled forever!

There is also a photo of some grave stones from a quiet Jewish cemetary within Prague I have always made a point of going to see but never quite making it. The gate was open this time! It is all over grown with ivey, the stones so old most of the inscriptions are lost, many are toppled over and covered with growth.

Why are you sitting at home reading my blog? Go see these things for yourself! fuck.