I just spent yet another amazing weekend in New York City, this time celebrating my champagne birthday on the 27th. Here is the full image of the painting I traded with Matty No Times at Three Kings tattoo in Brooklyn (it says’Three Kings” and “Calisse de Tabarnak” painted with FW inks, loads of masking fluid, and delicious coffee). What a fantastic shop with fantastic people! I did a few hand poke tattoos there, which I will post next, and I got a wee bat face tattoo from Josh Egnew. I got my foot tattooed by Bert Krak at Top Shelf Tattoo in Queens, and visited the guys at Smith Street Tattoo as well. Today I feel very inspired and have a lot of work ahead of me, more paintings, more band work, and something big, but I dont want to jinx it, so I will post more on that project later. I get paranoid when things are going really well, so thats all I am going to say for now, or else I will get struck by lightning.