I made the painting for the State of the Archetype charity art auction in Vancouver at UBC, which happened last night. Steve Moore’s submission (which I saw on instagram) was incredible and made me feel lazy and ashamed, but today is a new day! This painting is unusual for me, i tried a crazy technique with lots and lots of masking fluid and layers, really more masking fluid than anyone should ever use at once. I realized this when I went to take it off and developed crippling blisters on my fingers and neck and arm fatigue that lasted days. My love of masking fluid now has healthy boundaries! I also had no idea it was going to look this psychedelic, i thought it was going to be a more mystical subtle ‘cosmic dream catcher’ look with enough soft shadowiness to throw some constellations in gouache over top everything, but it has gone in another more intense direction on its own, so i didn’t add that ( i didn’t want people to have an all out seizure looking at it). Anyway, thought i would share this kind of unique painting I made, and i think i will do more pattern layering like this in the future.