Pharaoh's Wolves

Here is another design for Prophets of Doom. painted with FW inks, moon effect done with salt and the stars with masking fluid. Here its digitally watermarked with the PofD logo.


Here are some recent tattoos Ive done. The first one shown here are both by me, on the left healed stick poke, on the right fresh and machined. All others below are machined.ImageImageImageImageImageImage

PofDswatchI have so much going on right now its hard to know where to start! Besides being super busy with exciting tattoo work, this new project – Prophets of Doom is something I am very stoked on. Its still in the very early stages so theres not a lot i can say besides it is a clothing company (shirts) I am helping to develop. The emphasis is on high quality fine tee shirt prints featuring exclusive art by many different artists. So far the first few prints will be by me and I am honoured to lead the vanguard on this! Ill post more as soon as the webstore is up and there is stuff available!

Just finished this monster painting as a gift for my friend’s Lauren and Wade who just got married. Unfortunately I rushed taking a photo of it, so this is the best quality record I have of it existing so you can forget about prints. its 22″x30″ painted with FW Inks.



Got a healed photo of this lady head I did last month
lionDid this lion yesterday!


Hey everybody, The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop has a new website, the other one got hacked and screwed!

save in your menu and visit our blog and portfolios often, also follow us on instagram @theokeydoke

Pass it on!



DylansmSuper fun tattoo on my friend Dylan from Shirts and Destroy! Thanks buddy!

Some more tattoos from this week…baphometsmGot a little further on this Virgin Mary/Baphomet with shading. Very fun to work on this one.trollsmHand poked this Troll Cross on a pinky finger!

Walk-in from the other day, the Yin Yan was already there, I added the woven background and re-outlined the Yin-Yang.heartLate walk-in from last night, for his sweet-heart of 12 years! Good luck to you both!


I made the painting for the State of the Archetype charity art auction in Vancouver at UBC, which happened last night. Steve Moore’s submission (which I saw on instagram) was incredible and made me feel lazy and ashamed, but today is a new day! This painting is unusual for me, i tried a crazy technique with lots and lots of masking fluid and layers, really more masking fluid than anyone should ever use at once. I realized this when I went to take it off and developed crippling blisters on my fingers and neck and arm fatigue that lasted days. My love of masking fluid now has healthy boundaries! I also had no idea it was going to look this psychedelic, i thought it was going to be a more mystical subtle ‘cosmic dream catcher’ look with enough soft shadowiness to throw some constellations in gouache over top everything, but it has gone in another more intense direction on its own, so i didn’t add that ( i didn’t want people to have an all out seizure looking at it). Anyway, thought i would share this kind of unique painting I made, and i think i will do more pattern layering like this in the future.

This mandalla features 30 birds! Shading to come soon, Ill post more photos.

The line work and shading for the gypsy head is healed, the colour is fresh. I will also post a healed photo of this later.

Began this really fun owl head lady on my friend Andrea, cant wait to bring it to life with shading and colour!

Even more hand poke action. Thanks Brett from fog town, see you around!

This weekend I got to hang out with lots of Montreal friends who came to toronto for the Not Dead Yet fest.

I hand poked this realistic skull on Martin, who played with Vile Intent last Saturday at Hard Luck.

I also hand poked Odin’s ravens on my friend Ashley. The one on the left is older, totally hand poked, the one on the right we lined with a machine and the hand poke fill is fresh. I see some evolution here.

And i finally got a decently lit and healed shot of this old favorite of mine, the flying pig on my friend Sergio. Totally hand poked a year ago.


Here is a tattoo I made yesterday!

New tee shirt design for The Victim Party!

I know there are some steps missing here, I was just trying out what all these photos together at the end would look like. I think I will do a more process photos like these for the next painting I am starting right now – with more steps in between than this.

I now have a new email address, I encourage you to use it, especially for getting into contact with me about tattoos. My usual one soiled the bed this morning and sent everyone on my contact list (thats about 400 people) spam mail so I am retiring it after many years of service. Delete the one and  contact me from now on at:

Easy to remember, right? Thanks everyone, and if you were one of those people who got a spam, my apologies, just delete it! OXOX

Also, these…